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GL: Edward Said

tomorrow evening (thursday 20th), 6.30-7.00pm (repeated 12.30am), on bbc radio 4 extra (repeated from may 2012 on bbc radio 4)
edward said (presented by matthew parris, with alexei sayle) (in the great lives series), with guests …
ahdaf soueif, egyptian novelist and commentator
malise ruthven, author of encounters with islam

THE FIFTH FLOOR: reports from Gaza, 2014

bbc world service radio’s the fifth floor is a weekly 55-minute programme (fridays, 11.05am gmt) comprising about 5 or 6 stories from different countries, and describing itself as:

“A fresh look at the stories of the week with journalists from our 27 language sections.”

since hebrew is not one of those 27 languages (it was from 30th october 1949 to 28th october 1968) – but arabic is – the producers have a perfect excuse for including stories from gaza but not from israel

so far in 2014, there have been 4 stories from gaza (out of over 200 stories), and none from the west bank or israel:
The Apollo of Gaza • Gaza’s Only Music School • Stories from the Frontline: Gaza • Gaza in Sound

21st february
The Apollo of Gaza (6 minutes):

“A statue thought to be an ancient bronze of Apollo, Greek God of poetry and love, has dropped off the radar after being found in the sea off Gaza last summer and surfacing briefly on eBay. It is 2,500 years old and priceless.
Shahdi Alkashif from BBC Arabic reports.”

(if you miss it, available from 0:13:35 to 0:19:10 at

21st march
Gaza’s Only Music School (9 minutes):

“The Edward Said school currently has 185 students and is struggling on despite being pushed to the financial brink. It was founded in 2008, to teach young Gazans to read music, sing and play eastern and western instruments.
Shahdi Alkashif from BBC Arabic reports from his visit to the school.”
(introduction, by presenter david amanor🙂 “It’s surely hard enough to find your daily bread in Gaza, let alone train your children in classical music!”

(still available from 0:09:30 to 0:18:30 at

8th august
Stories from the Frontline: Gaza (6 minutes):

How do you cope when your home is a conflict zone?
For the last month, BBC Arabic’s Shahdi Alkashif has been sleeping on the floor of his office in Gaza. Shahdi has been on the ground reporting the war for BBC Arabic, and he tells david amanor on how this is affecting life for him and his family.”
(introduction, by presenter david amanor🙂 “He’s been reporting the conflict in Gaza that has shocked and disturbed so many people, including prominent world leaders, because of the number of civilian casualties.”

(still available from 0:00:40 to 0:06:40 at

5th september
Gaza in Sound (2 minutes):

Is normalcy finally returning to Gaza after 50 fearful days?
BBC Arabic’s Adnan Elbursh recorded a soundscape of life in Gaza – a sweet potato seller, men smoking shisha pipes, pomegranate sellers and children playing on a beach.”

(still available from 0:32:30 to 0:34:30 at

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