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DA: Mirvis intervenes

wednesday 27th november, 1.03-1.07am, 1.20-1.26am, 1.40-1.45am, 1.51-1.59am, 2.03-2.05am, 2.08-2.22am, 2.33-2.39am, 2.48-2.54am, 3.10-3.14am, 3.18-3.25am, 3.38-3.50am, and 3.53-3.57am, on bbc radio london

dotun adebayo (phone-in programme) includes …

Should Jeremy Corbyn have apologised over the Labour anti-Semitism claims? ”

including calls from …

clare from highgate (again), • wayne from buckhurst hill, • yvonne from stockwell, • mark from canary wharf, • john “the cabbie”, • sean from roehampton, • jane from richmond, • alex from watford, • noel from birmingham, • shane from edinburgh, • peter from richmond, • richard “the milkman” from essex, • keith from crystal palace, and • ben from clacton


HMD: born in Mauthausen

last saturday morning (28th january), 4.45-5.00am, on bbc radio 5 live
up all night (presented by dotun adebayo) concludes with …

Eva Clarke tells her remarkable story of surviving the Holocaust as an infant at the end of World War Two, and the lifelong impact of losing several family members at Auschwitz.”

(see also and (more…)

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