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Anti-semitism on the left

yesterday evening (thursday 19th), 8.00-8.30pm, on bbc radio 4
anti-semitism on the left (presented by david aaronovitch) (in the the briefing room series)

(Kerry-Anne Mendoza 0:18:26) “The Comparison of Israel to Nazism or the atrocities of the Third Reich. What evidence is there for that? Well, what other state in the world do I know of in the present day has been behind the forced sterilisation of Jewish women? That would be Israel, It was applying Depo Pravera**, long-term contraceptive injections, to Ethiopian Jewish women. I think that’s an anti-semitic act. I think it has horrific echoes of some of the atrocities, not all of them, some of the atrocities perpetrated by the Third Reich, and I think it’s right to call that out. I would call that out in any state anywhere in the world where Jewish women or any other group of women were subject to forcible sterilisation to prevent some sort of racial dilution, which was the theory behind that process. Do I think it’s helpful for people to go around willy-nilly attempting to bait Jewish people by calling them Nazis? Absolutely not. But do I think there is some evidential case for saying there are echoes here of some the worst behaviour that we have committed in Europe? Yes I do.”

** Depo Pravera is a 3-month contraceptive


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