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DP: McCluskey & anti-semitism

this afternoon (thursday 26th), 12.30-12.43pm, on bbc 2
daily politics (presented by jo coburn) includes …

Do you think Len McCluskey is speaking with the authority of Jeremy Corbyn, or at least those close to him?”

including interviews with …
george eaton of the new statesman
chris leslie mp
chris williamson mp

DP: Corbyn shrugs

this morning (wednesday 25th), 11.47-11.54am, on bbc 2
daily politics (presented by andrew neil) includes …

“Peter Dowd, why was Jeremy Corbyn not able to accede to any of the requests of the Jewish leaders?”

including interview with …
peter dowd mp

DP: Corbyn ally goes

this afternoon (thursday 29th), 12.02-12.11pm, on bbc 2 tv
daily politics (presented by jo coburn) leads with …

“The other big political story of the day: that’s the news that the head of the Labour Party’s disputes panel, she’s a woman called Christine Shawcroft, has quit, after it emerged she opposed the suspension of a council candidate accused of holocaust denial.”

including contributions from …
john mcdonnell mp
• journalist sam coates of the times, who originally exposed christine shawcroft
mary creagh mp
james cleverly mp, deputy conservative party chairman

DP: Jackie Walker

last tuesday afternoon (23rd january), 12.52-12.59pm, on bbc 2
daily politics (presented by jo coburn, with guest george freeman mp) concludes with …

“• Jackie Walker was suspended by the Labour Party in September 2016 following allegations of anti-semitism. Do you accept the Labour Party’s definition of anti-semitism as one you can work with?

Daily Politics: Ken Livingstone

yesterday afternoon (thursday 28th), 12.07-12.30pm, on bbc 2
daily politics (presented by andrew neil and jo coburn) includes …

“Ken Livingstone on allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour party.”

including interview with …
ken livingstone
nick clegg
john mann (more…)

Lord Dubs

Why do some people feel it necessary to use hyperbole when dismissing anti-semitism?
In a mere 5-word sentence, “clearly” and “totally” are used to make a lie more convincing …

monday 21st march, 12.39-12.41pm, on bbc 2
daily politics (presented by jo coburn) includes …

“Over the weekend, one of your colleagues, Lord Levy, threatened to resign unless Jeremy Corbyn, your leader, makes absolutely clear that anti-semtism will not be tolerated in the Labour Party, saying he’s not gone far enough in cracking down on it. Do you think Jeremy Corbyn could be doing more about that issue?”
[Chuka Umunna] “It would be completely disingenuous for anybody to deny that in fringes on the left there have been problems with anti-semitism. but I tell you what, if anyone can lead the charge. in stamping it out and showing a zero tolerance to it, it is Jeremy.”
[Lord Dubs] “I think we’ve got to be careful that when people are critical of Israeli government policy, they’re not accused of being anti-semitic. There are some people who tend to merge the two. Clearly they are totally different!

(if you missed it, available from 0:39:15 to 0:41:00 at…)

UKIP on shechita

yesterday afternoon (tuesday 17th), 12.42-12.44pm, on bbc 2
daily politics (presented by jo coburn) includes ukip leader nigel farage supporting shechita and talking about the judeo-christian principles of the british constitution (more…)

Menzies Cambell: ISIS caused by Israel

last tuesday lunchtime (7th october), 12.08-12.16pm, on bbc 2
daily politics: lib dem mp menzies campbell interviewed by andrew neil claims that israel/palestine is one of the principal causes of the rise of both ISIS and al qaeda, and on being rubbished by neil backs it up only by claiming it as the motivation for british women becoming “brides for jihadists”

“(Menzies Campbell, 0:13:38) “What are the causes of the rise of ISIS and Al Qaida? One of the principal causes is the fact of the continuing dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.”
 “What’s the evidence for that?”
“There’s plenty of evidence.”
 “ISIS never talks about Israel at all, it is entirely born out of events in Syria, and then the Sunni uprising, they never talk about Palestine.”
“If you’re trying to persuade 15-year old young women in Britain to go and offer themselves as brides for jihadists in Syria or Iraq one of the ways in which it’s done is to point to the oppression of the Arab people, in particular the oppression of the Palestinians, one of the ways in which it’s done is to point to the United States, and to point to the United Kingdom as well, and to say these are the former imperialists still trying to exercise influence.”
 “Even if you are right, you’re not going to solve the Israeli-Palestinian situation before Kobane falls, so you’re whistling in the wind.”
“No no, we’re not whistling in the wind, and what I say is, and what I’ll say later today, if I’m called in the debate [interrupted] we don’t have the luxury of long-term, there is an urgent issue and that issue has got to be resolved …”


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