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PM: art restitution

yesterday afternoon (saturday 19th), 5.18-5.23pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by carolyn quinn) includes …

“One company, the multi-national frozen food seller Doktor Oetker, is leading the way in another form of restitution, the return of stolen artworks to the heirs of their rightful owners.”

including report from …
• bbc reporter joe miller (more…)


Oscar Nemon

yesterday evening (sunday 6th), 10.44-10.56pm, on bbc radio 4
westminster hour (presented by carolyn quinn) includes …

Keith McDougall has been finding out more about sculptor Oscar Nemon


PM: Michael Kadar

this evening (monday 24th), 5.48-5.51pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by carolyn quinn) includes …

A teenager has appeared in a court in Israel charged with carrying out a series of hoax bomb threats against Jewish schools and community centres in the United States. “

including report from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman (more…)

PM: Ken Livingstone 30/4/2016

this afternoon (saturday 30th), 5.01-5.02pm and 5.05-5.13pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by carolyn quinn) includes …

Ken Livingstone said today that he’d rather be gardening and looking after his newts than appearing on the media to defend his remarks about Hitler. But defend them he did, perhaps under the motto ‘when you’re in a hole, keep digging!

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman
ken livingstone
john mcdonnell
jonathan ashworth
louise ellman (more…)

Iran: Jeremy Bowen

yesterday afternoon (tuesday 14th), 5.15-5.19pm, on bbc radio 4
PM includes presenter carolyn quinn talking to bbc middle east editor jeremy bowen about the iran nuclear agreement (more…)

Kindertransport: Dame Stephanie Shirley

this afternoon (tuesday 28th), 5.36-5.44pm, on bbc radio 4
pm includes carolyn quinn interviewing dame stephanie shirley about the kindertransport (more…)

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