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PL: No Corbyn apology

this afternoon (wednesday 27th), 12.02-12.08pm and 12.08-12.13pm, on bbc 2 tv 

politics live (presented by jo coburn) includes …

“Barry Gardiner, why couldn’t Jeremy Corbyn apologise for what’s happened with anti-semitism in the Labour Party?”

including contributions from …

• journalist helen lewis 

• journalist katy balls

barry gardiner mp


QT: Austin on Corbyn

yesterday evening (thursday 7th), 10.46-11.07pm, on bbc 1 tv 

question time (chaired by fiona bruce) leads with …

“With Ian Austin telling Labour voters to vote Tory, and umpteen other inter-party fallouts, how can we trust you if you cannot trust each other?

including panellists  …

barry gardiner mp

kirstene hair mp

humza yousaf msp

• businessman iain anderson

• journalist and broadcaster angela haggerty


Marr: Forbes antisemitism

yesterday morning (sunday 9th), 10.32-10.35am, on bbc 1 tv 

the andrew marr show includes …

“You get a new MP who, immediately she’s elected, other Labour MPs, your collegues are calling to be suspended because she liked what was an antisemitic tweet? … ‘Zionist slave master’s agenda’?”

All across Britain there are people who use social media and don’t find themselves liking anti-semitic tweets, and yet the Labour Party doesn’t seem able to get those people into candidacies, and you choose the ones who do?

including interview with …

barry gardiner mp


QT: Corbyn unfit?

last thursday evening (28th february), 11.10-11.28pm, on bbc 1
question time (chaired by fiona bruce) includes…

“Does Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of anti-semitism make him unfit to be prime minister?”

including panellists …
barry gardiner mp
• author lionel shriver
nadhim zahawi mp
layla moran mp
• comedian henning wehn

HC: Anti-semitism debate 20/2/2019

yesterday afternoon (wednesday 20th), 4.05pm-7.01pm, on bbc parliament tv
house of commons 20/2/2019 includes …

General Debate: Antisemitism in Modern Society

speeches by …
James Brokenshire (C)
Barry Gardiner (Lab)
Guto Bebb (C)
Stewart Malcolm McDonald (SNP)
Theresa Villiers (C)
Margaret Hodge (Lab)
Andrew Percy (C)
Luciana Berger (Lab)
Matthew Offord (C)
Ivan Lewis (Ind)
Fiona Bruce (C)
Louise Ellman (Lab)
Maria Caulfield (C)
Ruth Smeeth (Lab)
Stephen Kerr (C)
John Mann (Lab)
Clive Lewis (Lab)
Joan Ryan (Ind)
Stephen Lloyd (Ind)
James Frith (Lab)
Jim McMahon (Lab)
interventions by …
Paula Sherriff (Lab)
Wera Hobhouse (LD)
Steve McCabe (Lab)
Lyn Brown (Lab)
Stephen Doughty (Lab)
Neil Coyle (Lab)
Stella Creasy (Lab)
George Howarth (Lab)
Bob Stewart (C)
Emma Little Pengelly (DUP)
Jess Phillips (Lab)
Robert Goodwill (C)
Jim Shannon (DUP)
John Hayes (C)

(transcript at
(house of commons library briefing paper at
(if you missed it, available from 3:20:14 to 6:16:00 at

Twt/MN: Derek Hatton suspended

last night (wednesday 20th) 10.02-10.03pm, and 12.11-12.13am, on bbc radio 4
the world tonight (presented by paul moss) and midnight news include …

Labour has suspended the former deputy leader of Liverpool City Council, Derek Hatton, just two days after he was provisionally re-admitted to the party … Since Monday, the party has received a complaint about a tweet in 2012 in which Mr Hatton urged Jews to condemn what he called ’Israel’s ruthless murdering’.”

including contributions from …
barry gardiner mp
• bbc reporter jonathan blake

WH: Labour anti-semitism

this evening (sunday 26th), 10.29-10.33pm, on bbc radio 4
westminster hour (presented by carolyn quinn) includes …

“The parliamentary Labour Party is voting in early September on a motion calling for Labour to back the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s full definition of anti-semitism, which has actually been rejected by the party, but something which you would like to see Labour accept, that’s right isn’t it? … What has prevented Jeremy Corbyn putting an end to this episode?”

including interview with …
barry gardiner mp

Today: Corbyn shrugs

this morning (wednesday 25th), 6.31-6.35am, 7.09-7.13am, 7.51-7.59am, and 8.01-8.03am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by justin webb) leads with …

”Jewish groups have again questioned Jeremy Corbyn’s willingness to take action.”
(1:12:50) “… when you ask him to do something, he’s shrugging his shoulders at us.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter norman smith
jonathan goldstein of the jewish leadership council
barry gardiner mp
• bbc reporter ian watson

QT: Labour anti-semitism

yesterday evening (thursday 12th), 11.16-11.31pm, on bbc 1
question time (chaired by david dimbleby) (with • american commentator kate andrews • journalist jonathan freedlandjo johnson mp, conservative • barry gardiner mp, labour • nicola horlick) includes…

Do we need to do more to tackle anti-semitism?”

(if you missed it, available from 0:31:25 to 0:46:15 at

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