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Rise of the Nazis 2

this evening (monday 9th), 9.00-10.00pm (repeated saturday 7.30pm), on bbc 2 tv 

rise of the nazis: the first six months in power (narrated by kate fleetwood) (2nd of 3 weekly episodes), including commentary from …

• professor richard evans 

• coommunist and lecturer ash sarkar 

• professor richard overy 

• historian heike gortemaker

• general mike jackson 

• historian christian goeschel 

• historian timothy ryback

At the start of 1933, Hitler is the chancellor of Germany but he does not have absolute power – there is still a democratic parliament beneath him, a head of state above him and the rule of law hanging over him. Hitler sets his sights on dismantling the German state.


PL: Labour anti-semitism row

this morning (monday 3rd), 11.44-11.50am, on bbc 2 tv
politics live (discussion programme, chaired by jo coburn, with • andrea leadsom mp, • chuka umunna mp, • journalist ash sarkar, and • bbc reporter elizabeth glinka) includes …

Labour anti-semitism row


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