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HMD: Newsround Special

last monday afternoon (21st january), 4.30-5.00pm, on cbbc tv
holocaust: finding my family (narrated by anthony horowitz) (children’s documentary, in the newsround specials series)

“This is the week of Holocaust Memorial Day, when we remember the millions of people who were murdered in the Holocaust. The programme you’re about to watch is very sad, some of the scenes may be quite upsetting, but I think it’s important to remember what happened. and to remember all the people who died.”

including contributions from …
steven frank, theresienstadt survivor, born 1935, son of amsterdam lawyer and resistance member leonard frank
• granddaughter maggie frank, 14
• amsterdam historian philip
• auschwitz historian agnieszka


Foyle’s War

this sunday evening (11th january), 8.00-10.00pm, on itv
foyle’s war: trespass (2nd episode of season 9)

“The second episode of the series explores the tangled web of British promises to create a state of Israel in British Palestine.
When a young man is assaulted in the grounds of a university, Foyle wonders if the attack is racially motivated as the victim is the wealthy son of a high profile Jewish businessman.


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