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Timothy Spall

last sunday evening (15th january), 7.00-9.00pm, on bbc 1
the andrew marr show includes …

Denial is a film about the renegade British historian David Irving, accused of denying the Holocaust.
Timothy Spall spoke to Andrew Marr about the challenges of playing the role: ‘He is isolated in his views so that does have its effect on you’.”



Andrew Marr: Labour anti-semitism

yesterday morning (sunday 1st), 9.04-9.11am, 9.16-9.26am, and 9.49-10.01am, on bbc 1
the andrew marr show leads with …

Anti-semitism in Labour

including contributions from …
• journalist owen jones
• israeli ambassador mark regev
diane abbott (more…)

Sunday Politics: Labour anti-semitism

yesterday morning (sunday 1st), 11.05-11.20am, on bbc 1
sunday politics summarises the week’s news on …

Anti-semitism in Labour

and includes new contributions from …
ben bradshaw mp
nick watt of the guardian
janet daley of the telegraph
janan ganesh of the financial times (more…)

Confronting Religious Violence

sunday 14th june, 9.00-10.00am, on bbc 1
the andrew marr show includes …

Rabbi Sacks talks about his new book ‘Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence’.”


Saul Bellow

this morning (monday 1st), 9.02-9.25am, on bbc rado 4 (shortened repeat this evening, 9.30pm)
start the week (presented by andrew marr) leads with …

Saul Bellow was a Canadian-born Jewish boy brought up in Chicago on the wrong side of the tracks. By sheer intelligence and scary determination, he turned himself into one of the great modern novelists – some people would say, the greatest novelist of the past 50 or 60 years – who stands entirely unabashed alongside Dickens and Flaubert.
I’m joined by his new biographer Zacahary Leader to talk about a literary phenomenon.
But why didn’t we in Britain have our Bellows or Philip Roths or John Updikes? Linda Grant, a hugely successful Jewish novelist, is here to reflect on the differences between American and British Jewish experience in the twentieth century.”


Alex Salmond on barbarism

last sunday morning (14th september), 9.00-10.00am on bbc1
the andrew marr show includes alex salmond contrasting unspeakable barbarism, atrocities, and extremism with the policies of the state of Israel(more…)

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