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Marr: Is Corbyn an anti-semite?

this morning (sunday 23rd), 10.40-10.53am, on bbc 1 tv
the andrew marr show includes …

Jeremy Corbyn, are you an anti-semite?

during interview with …
jeremy corbyn



PL: Labour NEC to vote

this afternoon (tuesday 4th), 12.41-12.53pm, on bbc 2 tv
politics live (discussion programme, chaired by jo coburn, with • jess phillips mp, • liz truss mp, • tim martin of wetherspoons, and • presenter andrew marr) includes …

Labour showdown over anti-semitism

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter elizabeth glinka
michael walker of momentun

AM: Labour anti-semitism

this morning (sunday 2nd), 10.09-10.16am, and 10.27-10.45am, on bbc 1 tv
the andrew marr show includes discussion with …
faiza shaheen, director of the think tank class
• talkradio presenter julia hartley-brewer
• bbc presenter jo coburn
and includes interviews with …
• former chief rabbi lord sacks
john mcdonnell mp

Lord Sacks, you’ve called him an anti-semite, which the Labour Party says is absurd. Is it not at least a wild hyperbole to call him that?”


Marr: Labour anti-semitism

last sunday morning (22nd july), 9.34-9.37am, on bbc 1 tv
the andrew marr show includes an interview with • rebecca long-bailey mp, partly about anti-semitism in the Labour Party

”Big meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party tomorrow, talking amongst other things about anti-semitism. The Jewish Labour Party is talking about taking the Party to court over all of this. You could resolve this as a party by simply accepting the international definition of anti-semitism, and all the examples which everybody else accepts. Why dont you?”


AM: Labour anti-semitism

last sunday morning (29th april), 9.28-9.35am, on bbc 1 tv
the andrew marr show
includes an interview with • andrew gwynne mp about anti-semitism in the Labour Party


Profile: Jon Lansman

this evening (saturday 20th), 7.00-7.15pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 5.45am and 5,40pm tomorrow)
jon lansman (presented by mark coles) (in the profile series) …

“Earlier this week Jon Lansman, founder and leader of left-wing political group Momentum, was elected to the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee.
A 60-year-old veteran of the hard left, Lansman has been credited with helping get Jeremy Corbyn elected as Labour leader and to successfully rallying thousands of activists behind the Momentum movement. But his critics say he can be a dogmatic, even bullying, leader, quick to crush dissent.”

including contributions from …
• cousin nick lansman
• bbc presenter andrew marr
• friend david coggan
• journalist stephen bush
emma rees, co-founder and national organiser of momentum
luke akehurst, secretary of labour first

Timothy Spall

last sunday evening (15th january), 7.00-9.00pm, on bbc 1
the andrew marr show includes …

Denial is a film about the renegade British historian David Irving, accused of denying the Holocaust.
Timothy Spall spoke to Andrew Marr about the challenges of playing the role: ‘He is isolated in his views so that does have its effect on you’.”


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