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Spain, & Holocaust Memorial

last sunday morning (20th august), 7.09-7.13am, 7.54-8.00am, and 8.08-8.15am, on bbc radio london
inspirit (presented by jumoke fashola) includes …

70% of British Jews are thinking of leaving, and the Chief Rabbi of Spain has advised Spanish Jews to leave.
Also, the UK Holocaust Memorial designs, and the hologrammic ‘Forever Project, are both at the V&A.”

including interviews with …
• sir peter bazalgette, chairman of the uk holocaust memorial foundation
• holocaust survivor steven frank (more…)


last thursday evening (27th july), 10.00-10.45pm, on bbc radio 3 (repeated from sunday 22nd may 2016)
the life and times of benedict spinoza (presented by michael goldfarb) (in the sunday feature series) (more…)

Heir hunters

wednesday 1st march, 11.10-11.20am, and 11.33-11.43am, on bbc 1
heir hunters: jacqueline reuben (episode 3 of 20)

“Heir Hunters take on the case of Jacqueline Reuben, and find the tragic story of an Amsterdam family decimated by the holocaust.”


Today: Anne Frank poem

this morning (wednesday 23rd), 8.47-8.50am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by nick robinson and john humphrys) includes …

“An ‘extremely rare’ handwritten poem by Anne Frank is going under the hammer in the Netherlands today.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter anna holligan
• auctioneer thys blankevoort
• historian david barnouw
(see also…) (more…)

Eva Schloss: Private Passions

sunday afternoon (15th june), 12.00-1.00pm, on bbc radio 3
private passions: eva schloss (more…)

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