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Present at the creation

this evening (tuesday 15th), 8.00-8.40pm (repeated 5.00pm sunday), on bbc radio 4
present at the creation (presented by jonathan freedland)

Jonathan Freedland recalls the extraordinary day in 1948 when Israel declared its independence. He meets the last two surviving eye-witnesses of the declaration ceremony and gets a rare glimpse of the original document itself as he tells the story of that day in May”

including contributions from …
yael medini, then 17, daughter of moshe sharett
nabil sha’ath
• historian yoram shachar
yair sharef, son of cabinet secretary ze’ev sharef
• writer amos oz
• professor of economics giora hanoch, then 16, helping his uncle, lucien salzman (zaltzman), with the sound recording for the palestine electrical recording company


Amos Oz on Judas

yesterday evening (tuesday 13th), 7.27-7.36pm, on bbc radio 4
frontrow (presented by samira ahmed) includes …

“The distinguished Israeli writer, Amos Oz, discusses his latest novel, Judas, which provides an alternative reading not just of the man whose name became synonymous with the word traitor, but suggests that traitors may have more to offer than simple betrayal.”


Mor Loushy: Censored Voices

this evening (monday 7th), 10.00-11.25pm, on bbc 4 tv
the six-day war: censored voices (in the storyville series) (more…)

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