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GL: Edward Said

tomorrow evening (thursday 20th), 6.30-7.00pm (repeated 12.30am), on bbc radio 4 extra (repeated from may 2012 on bbc radio 4)
edward said (presented by matthew parris, with alexei sayle) (in the great lives series), with guests …
ahdaf soueif, egyptian novelist and commentator
malise ruthven, author of encounters with islam

Losing it

this morning (monday 15th), 11.30am-12.00, on bbc radio 4
losing it (3rd episode, 2nd series, of josh howie’s losing it) (comedy, starring josh howie, pippa evans, margaret cabourn-smith, gavin ford, and alexei sayle)

(if you missed it, available at

Josh Howie

yesterday morning (wednesday 21st), 11.30am-12.00, on bbc radio 4
the handyman (5th of 6 episodes of josh howie’s losing it)

“Comedian Josh Howie has to pretend that he’s not Jewish when he pays handyman Dean in advance, and then finds that Dean believes in a world Jewish conspiracy!


Alexei Sayle on anti-semitism

thursday 24th july, 12.00-2.00pm, on bbc radio 2
jeremy vine includes …

Is the Israel/Gaza conflict causing a rise in anti-Semitism in Britain? Emma Barnett and Alexei Sayle discuss”
(0:05:28) Alexei Sayle: “I hate Jihadists, I hate muslim fundamentalists, I also hate Israeli fundamentalism, and that’s what Emma Barnett is supporting: she’s supporting the murder of children, the murder of women, that’s what she’s supporting, from a fascist, Zionist ideology. And that’s what this article is – it’s dressed-up propaganda.”

[“this article” – subtitled “It is terrifying to see those who oppose Israel’s war in Gaza turn against all Jews” – was in the telegraph of 23rd july] (more…)

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