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PM: media in Gaza

yesterday afternoon (tuesday 23rd), 5.18-5.58pm, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by eddie mair) has an extended interview with surgeon david nott about his recent experiences in aleppo (syria)
of course, no bbc interview about the suffering in syria would be complete without mentioning how the brave journalists in gaza changed international public opinion …

(0:51:46) “Gaza, the media had a significant effect. Every child that was brought in in had 5 cameras following them. It went on the news straight away. Everybody in the world knew. Everybody was angry. You know: stop this, stop this, it’s disproportionate. What’s happening, please stop this. Ok, it stopped, it stopped after 3 weeks. A lot of people were killed, a lot of people on both sides had bad problems, but it was stopped.”


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