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H&S: Marriage in Israel

this afternoon (sunday 13th), 12.06-12.59pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated from 7.06pm saturday)
marriage in israel (3rd of 4 episodes in the heart and soul gathering series) (discussion programme, chaired by tim franks)
with panel …
• rabbi yitzchok elefant, chief rabbi of dimona
• dr susan weiss founder of centre for women’s justice
• dr elana heideman, executive director of israel forever foundation
• rabbi chuck davidson
and contributions from …
kylie eisman-lifschitz of agunah organisation mavoi satum
• agunah ella ben-emanuel
stephanie kramer, convert at age 3

Should the Rabbinate should be stripped of its monopoly, or do the current rules protect the identity and values of the Jewish faith?
Many young Jewish people living in Israel feel religion has too big an influence over their private lives. Numerous aspects of life are governed by a council made up of orthodox rabbis called the Rabbinate. They decide who is and isn’t Jewish and by extension who can and can’t marry.
Supporters of the organisation say this helps preserve Jewish identity.
Critics say it means thousands of people who are not deemed ‘Jewish enough’ can’t marry each other, forcing couples to leave the country to have a ceremony that will be recognised by the authorities when they return home.
The religious monopoly on marriage also means Jews cannot marry non-Jews and as the council of orthodox rabbis rule on divorce for every married couple in Israel, many say this disadvantages women.”

(if you missed it, available at

Mourning without a body

yesterday afternoon (monday 13th), 4.30-5.00pm, on bbc radio 4
death rituals in the absence of a body (presented by ernie rea) (in the beyond belief series) with …
• dr miri freud-kandel, fellow in modern judaism at the oxford centre for hebrew and jewish studies
• professor douglas davies, director of the centre for death and life studies at the university of durham
• dr chetna kang, consultant psychiatrist and hindu priest (more…)

The book of Yehudit

tomorrow afternoon (thursday 21st), 2.15-3.00pm, on bbc radio 4
the book of yehudit (by adam usden) (in the drama series)

“Yehudit, a young Orthodox Jewish woman, is desperate for a divorce.
But in the Jewish world, a divorce can only be granted if the husband is willing to give his wife a get, and Yehudit’s husband has other ideas.”


Fraidy Reiss

tomorrow (saturday 27th), 5.32-5.41am, 2.32-2.41pm, and 8.32-8.41pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
boston calling leads with …

Unchained: We meet Fraidy Reiss, a New York woman who escaped from an abusive arranged marriage and is now helping others do the same thing.”


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