for forthcoming uk programmes of jewish or israeli interest


tomorrow afternoon (monday 9th), 2.15-3.00pm, on bbc radio 4 

mira (written by claudine toutoungi) (2nd of 7 dramas in this is your country now too, a series about the experience of child refugees since 1939)

Mira Hamermesh’s real-life story of her escape at fourteen from Nazi-occupied Poland to Palestine, is dramatised from Mira’s memoir The River Of Angry Dogs.

In 1939, when she was fourteen, Mira Hamermesh woke up one day to find that her country had been wiped off the map.  

The Nazi-Soviet pact saw the opposing armies invade Poland from West and East. Mira’s home city of Lodz was soon occupied by the German army, and her Jewish family were placed under restrictions.  

Mira begins to dream of joining her sister Genia, who had left the previous year for Palestine. So like thousands of others, Mira risks her life to cross the Soviet border, with her big brother Mietek for protection.

But her extraordinary journey is only just beginning. Mira soon finds herself alone in a maze of shifting borders, lies and danger.  

And as she struggles to find a way to Palestine, how could she begin to guess what’s happening to her parents, in the Lodz ghetto?”

(if you miss it, available at

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