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Children of courage 3

tuesday 8th october, 8.30-8.55pm, on bbc radio alba 

sandrine (13) in france (3rd of 8 episodes in the children of courage series) (in gaelic and french, with english subtitles)

“This episode is inspired by the true story of André and Magda Trocmé, who not only organised shelter for Jewish refugees but also at times had refugees living with them in their own home.

Sandrine’s (13) father is the village pastor and is actively helping Jewish people to escape the Nazi regime.

Sandrine shares her room with three refugees from Germany who are living with the family in hiding. When her mother starts to share her things with the children too, it becomes too much for Sandrine. She wants to find her own voice again. Her mother tells her how worried she is and about her fears for her father, because even in southern France, Jews are being hunted down and those who help them are also putting themselves in danger.  

Her mother responds to Sandrine with understanding but still makes it clear that she and her father have decided to help and not simply look the other way. Suddenly, Sandrine’s father is arrested, and the situation becomes even more dangerous. The policeman Major Dubois makes Sandrine an offer: if she gives him the names and hiding places of the Jews, her father will be freed. Sandrine is facing a tough decision: does she continue on and risk her own life, or does she betray the refugees and thereby help her father.”

(if you missed it, available at

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