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Male circumcision

this evening (thursday 18th), 10.35-11.20pm on bbc 1 tv (repeated saturday 1.35am on bbc 2 tv)

a cut too far? male circumcision (presented by adnan sarwar)

Male circumcision is becoming controversial. Should it remain legal in the UK? … The other faith that routinely practices circumcision is Judaism. Dr Jonathan Romain MBE, a Rabbi and a leading Jewish scholar, tells Adnan that circumcision is mentioned in the Jewish holy book, the Torah. It’s seen as one of God’s commands and integral to the faith.

But even in Judaism there are people who are fighting against it. Dr Jenny Goodman, a psychotherapist, believes that the circumcision of boys is a feminist issue.

Adnan also looks at the medical evidence given in support of male circumcision. He meets a leading urologist, Dr Gordon Muir, who says that while there is evidence that circumcised boys are marginally less likely to develop urinary tract infections, such infections are rare and treatable with antibiotics. He also believes that while the majority of circumcised men have no complaints about the procedure, there is a small risk of very serious harm, with a small number of deaths in the European Union every year from non-therapeutic circumcisions.”

(if you miss it, available at

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