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PM: Gaza surgeons

yesterday afternoon (friday 23rd), 5.26-5.31pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by jonny dymond) includes …

Nearly 6000 residents of Gaza have suffered bullet wounds over the course of this year as Israeli soldiers have attempted to drive them back from from the tightly-packed strip of land in which they live, and southern Israel, the border between the two. Most of those injuries are to young men who have been hit in the leg, shot in the leg, all of them require medical assistance of course, and doctors in Gaza have become pretty adept at treating such injuries, assisted by John Wolfe, a retired consultant vascular surgeon from St Mary’s Hospital in West London.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman
• surgeon john wolfe
• surgeon ahmed abu khader
• patient ola hussein


MN: Michael Kadar

this morning (friday 23rd), 12.21-12.22am, on bbc radio 4
midnight news includes …

“A court in Tel Aviv has sentenced an Israeli-American 19-year-old to 10 years in prison for making thousands of hoax bomb threats to Jewish schools and community centres around the world.”

including report from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman

P4t: Neuberger 19/11/2018

last monday morning (19th november), 9.22-9.25am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by rabbi julia neuberger

Supporting young people: ‘The reward is acceptance’.“


P4t: Marks 19/11/2018

last monday morning (19th november), 5.45-5.48am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by laura marks

Helping the stranger is often easier than we think.”


WH: Holocaust memorial

last sunday evening (18th november), 10.49-10.55pm, on bbc radio 4
westminster hour (presented by carolyn quinn) includes …

”There is controversy over a new Holocaust memorial, planned for a park beside Parliament.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter mandy baker
• architect asa bruno
• baroness ruth deech
and discussion with …
liz kendall mp
mark harper mp

Today: Quaker boycott

this morning (thursday 22nd), 8.54-9.00am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by justin webb) concludes with …

The Quakers, the religious Society of Friends, do not generally upset people, they regard themselves as peaceful, cooperative, thoughtful. So when they became the first British church to disinvest from any company that profited from activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, it raised eyebrows and more. The president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews said it was ’appalling’.”

including interview with …
paul parker, recording clerk (chief officer) of the quakers
james sorene, chief executive of bicom

W@1: Paul Willer

this afternoon (wednesday 21st), 1.38-1.44pm, on bbc radio 4
world at one (presented by sarah montague) concludes with …

Clement Attlee, the Labour prime minister whose government founded the welfare state, looked after a child refugee who escaped from the Nazis in the months leading up to the second world war. Testimonies and letters show that Attlee invited Paul Willer, who was then 10 years old. to stay with his family for 4 months.”

including interview with …
paul willer
jo roundell greene, granddaughter of clement attlee
(nb he was not a kindertransport child: his mother accompanied him out of germany in the usual way)
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