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The children of Belsen

sunday 30th september, 2.06-3.00pm (repeated 9.06am wednesday 3rd october), on bbc world service radio
the chidren of belsen (presented by mike lanchin) (in the the documentary series)

“Reporter Mike Lanchin accompanies Hetty Verolme, now in her 80s, and her family, back to the site of the former Nazi camp. Together, they listen to the original 1945 recordings of the teenage Hetty, and visit the place where she and the other children were held until liberation.

In April 1945, a 15-year-old Dutch Jewish girl was interviewed by the BBC in the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen shortly after its liberation by the British.
Weakened by typhoid, Hetty Werkendam, now known as Hetty Verolme, described to reporter Patrick Gordon Walker some of the horrific conditions in the Nazi camp where more than 50,000 prisoners died. She also told him how she and her younger brothers were separated from their parents, and how they lived for the last months of the war in a separate barracks with other Jewish children, largely ignored by the SS authorities.
Hetty introduces us to Robbie Engeland and Julius Maslovat, two other former Belsen child prisoners, one of whom has no recollection of the camp, but says he still feels a peculiar sense of “coming home” each time he visits.”

including contributions from …
• historian thomas rahe
(see also witness: surviving bergen-belsen. 18th april, at
(see also
(if you missed it, available at

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