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no place to lay one’s head (by francois frenkel) (read by samantha spiro) (in the book of the week series)

Francoise Frenkel‘s real life account of flight from Berlin on the ‘night of broken glass

1.The author had a thriving bookshop in Berlin, selling French editions, newspapers and magazines. Society types and celebrities would drop by to browse, buy and socialise. Then 1935 heralded a dark dawn..
2.But after Berlin, Paris offers little sanctuary. Settling in Avignon is temporary too, before she decides to visit her cousins in Vichy. All of them head off for Clermont-Ferrand, but will that really work out?
3.After Berlin, it is a whirl of destinations until she decides to try Avignon, and after that it’s on Nice. But this attractive and historic city is full of dangers too. Police, informants, black marketeers..
4.After Nice, the author will head for Grenoble to meet up with a secret organisation and most crucially a ‘smuggler’, who will help her cross the border to Switzerland. But it’s not as easy as it sounds..
5.An escape attempt with the ‘smuggler’ goes wrong. The author is apprehended and will face a trial in Saint-Julien. Things look bleak for the future, but again the kindness of strangers will prevail..”

(if you miss them, available at

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