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Tzabar trailer

This week’s bbc radio 4 trailer is for a programme presented by BBC producer Rami Tzabar, about his father Shimon Tzabar, an Israeli Communist Party member and holocaust-comparer.
Although Shimon Tzabar himself wrote “To criticise Israeli policy in Israel was acceptable (, the trailer implies that he left for his safety.
(also ibid “How is it, I often ask myself, that people who have experienced the Holocaust can treat other people, especially their neighbors, like that?“)

yesterday afternoon (monday 9th), 5.58pm, on bbc radio 4 (and regularly throughout the week)
bbc radio 4 trailer of the week
“In 1967, Israel sought to settle occupied land.
‘There was a national euphoria. They felt that Israel was so strong, this must have been ordained, it was just very difficult to swim against the tide.’
Those who disagreed were accused of betraying the Zionist cause.
‘People looked at me and Shimon as enemy number one.’
One man’s vision, and the impact on his family.
The brick went through the bedroom window, I think, yes.’
My Father’s Israel, next Sunday afternoon, at half-past one, and then available on the BBC radio 4 website.”
(if you miss it, available eg from 0:58:14 to 0:58:53 at


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