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My Journey into Judaism

this morning (sunday 10th), 9.32-10.00am, on bbc world service radio (repeated 10.32pm)
my journey into judaism (presented by natasha serlin) (in the heart and soul series)

“How difficult a journey should it be to convert to Judaism?”

including contributions from …
• conversion applicant georgina curtis
• conversion applicant naomi stanley
• rabbi andrea zanaardo
• rabbi julia neuberger
• rabbi jackie tabick

“Natasha Serlin, born a Jew, meets the Curtis family, three members all on their own Journey to Judaism. From keeping kosher, memorising the Jewish calendar to learning Hebrew, they must prove themselves devout and observant.
Natasha meets Reform Rabbi Dr Andrea Zanardo, mentor to all the prospective converts, who tells her that placing such high demands upon converts is as much about belonging and identifying as Jewish as it is about belief.
Natasha questions why her own religion demands such strict observance from converts compared to those born into the faith. She asks whether Judaism needs to reform its relationship with those wishing to convert. She also explores how this area of Judaism balances a need to maintain numbers, with a desire to only accept those people who are willing to prove they are totally committed to the faith”

(if you missed it, available at


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