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H&S: Samaritans

this afternoon (friday 14th), 1.30-2.00pm (repeated sunday 5.30am), on bbc world service radio
the good samaritan (presented by lipika pelham) (in the heart and soul series)

Lipika Pelham finds out about the Israelites, whom we call the Samaritans, who live divided in the ancient holy land, between Holon in Israel and Mount Gerizim on the West Bank, and who are in danger of dying out.

Lipika learns that because the Samaritans angered God, 3300 years ago, they are still waiting for their ancient ark and other items of the tabernacle to be returned.
She meets • Sofi Tsedaka, a well-known singer and TV personality in her native Israel, who thinks wistfully about the life and faith she left behind, and • Aabed-El ben Asher ben Matzliach, high priest of the Samaritans.”

(if you missed it, available at


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