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Back-channel diplomacy

tomorrow afternoon (friday 10th), 1.45-2.00pm, on bbc radio 4
small nation, big diplomacy (5th of 10 episodes in the friends & foes – a narrative history of diplomacy series)

“Professor David Rothkopf discusses the pivotal role of a small nation in negotiating a landmark Middle East peace agreement – the Oslo accords.

In 1973, a single handshake on the White House lawn between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders marked the end of decades of confrontation and conflict. But this breakthrough was brokered not through superpower intervention but with the help Norway.
Crucially it was done through secret informal communications called ‘back channel diplomacy’.
Professor Rothkopf hears from the negotiators about how they brought the two sides together under the cover of an academic conference and how, ultimately, their careful diplomacy resulted in the landmark Oslo accords.
But, as he discovers, back channel diplomacy does not always work.”

if you missed it, available at


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