for forthcoming uk programmes of jewish or israeli interest

Corbyn v Smith

last sunday evening (18th september), 6.00-7.30pm, on jewish news tv online
corbyn v smith jw3 leadership hustings (chaired by lucy manning, bbc news special correspondent)
including questions from …
adrian cohen, jewish labour movement, and labour friends of israel
peter mason, national secretary british labour movement: do you support this rule change?
? ?, jewish news: what aspects of israel and its achievements do you most admire?
zoe kemp: are you zionists, believing in israel’s right to exist, and would you be prepared to meet the israeli government to discuss a two-state solution?
rebecca simons: what goods would you boycott, and what other countries would you boycott?
russell raphael, jewish labour movement: why did jeremy corbyn do absolutely nothing while ruth smeeth was being insulted?
? ?: as prime minister, what would your vision be for the next ten years?
? ?: is momentum threatening?
laura marks: what is your policy on faith schools?
? ?: why has labour support among jews dropped from 70% in 1977 to 7% today?
joel rosen: should there be accountabiltiy for anti-semitic abuse in the labour party?
anthony isaacs: if you lose, will you split the party?
deborah cohen: what are ‘labour engagement officers’?
marie van der zyl : vice-president of the board of deputies: what will it take for the labour party to expel ken livingstone?
jonathan hoffman: do you accept the most common definition of anti-semitism?
? ?: what does Cable Street mean to you?
karen pollock: what is your connection to paul eisen, and jackie walker?
? ?: should a party leader have conviction?
? ?: what will you do to press theresa may to start implementing the dubs amendment?
? ?: should two labour mps be suspended for supporting a boycott of non-settlement kosher goods?
? ?. president oxford university jewish society: why have student victims of labour anti-semitism not been apologised to, and their attackers not been dealt with?
? ?: will you listen to non-standard jewish views?
lucy manning (chair): why should jewish labour party members vote for you as leader?
see also…
(if you missed it, available at

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