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FCO questions 12/7/2016

last tuesday evening (12th july), 9.30-9.37pm, 10.04-10.07om, and 10.35-10.37pm, on bbc parliament tv
house of commons – foreign and commonwealth office questions – 12th july includes …

questions from …
Richard Burden (Lab)
Eric Pickles (C)
Sarah Champion (Lab)
Philip Hollobone (C)
Andy Slaughter (Lab)
Margaret Ritchie (SDLP)
Stephen Timms (Lab)
Hannah Bardell (SNP)

Tobias Ellwood: ( Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs)
We are deeply concerned by the continued demolition of Palestinian property by Israeli authorities, and the worrying spike in the rate of demolitions this year. In all but the most exceptional circumstances, demolitions are contrary to international humanitarian law. We regularly raise our concerns about demolitions with the Israeli Government. We make it clear that such actions do not encourage the confidence-building measures needed for talks to recommence.”
Richard Burden: (Lab) “One of the things Jo was passionate about was justice for the Palestinians. According to the UN, Israel has demolished 649 Palestinian structures this year, and 1,000 people—over 400 of them children—have been displaced …”
Tobias Ellwood: “… We agree and we are hugely concerned about the rate of demolitions. We need to place additional pressure on Israel and, indeed, the Palestinians to come to the table …”
Eric Pickles: (C) “There is, however, the other side of the coin, with 36 Israelis, along with four foreign nationals, murdered this year. Instead of condemning the murders, the Palestinian Authority glorified them
Tobias Ellwood: “… the actions of the Palestinians do not go unnoticed, and we require the leadership of President Abbas to make it clear that those actions must be condemned.”
Sarah Champion: (Lab) Will the Minister join me in calling for G4S to withdraw fully from its relevant contracts with the Israeli state agencies?
Philip Hollobone: (C) “The demolition of Arab houses, and of Jewish houses, was started by us, the British, between the wars, during the operation of the terms of the British mandate for Palestine. Today, the Israeli Government specifically cites British mandate law as a justification for the current demolitions. Has the Minister had conversations with his Israeli counterpart about the legitimacy of using that law today?”
Tobias Ellwood: “… All laws can be updated, and both sides have a responsibility to come together and resolve this matter for the long term.”
Andy Slaughter: (Lab) “… will he join France and other European countries in recognising Palestine if Israel refuses to co-operate with the French initiative and continues building settlements?
Hannah Bardell: (SNP) “… Julie Pearson who was killed in Israel last year. Her family are constituents of my hon. Friend the Member for Ochil and South the autopsy report, but it is in Hebrew and it has been suggested that the FCO might assume the cost of translating it. Will the FCO support that?”
Tobias Ellwood: “… It is not normal for the Foreign Office to provide translation facilities …”

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(if you missed it, available from 0:00:00 to 0:07:20 and from 0:34:00 to 0:37:00 and from 1:05:30 to 1:07:00 at… and… and…)

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