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monday 20th june, 6.00-9.00am, on bbc parliament tv
westminster hall 13/6/2016 includes …

Foreign Aid Expenditure 13 June 2016

Alan Duncan (C)
Steve Double (C)
Andrew Percy (C)
Joan Ryan (C)
Desmond Swayne (Lab)
Richard Burden (Lab)
Sharon Hodgson (Lab)
Ian Austin (Lab)
Matthew Offord (C)
Will Quince (C)
Chloe Smith (C)
Lisa Cameron (C)
Andy Slaughter (Lab)
Eric Pickles (C)
Jim Shannon(DUP)
Diane Abbott (Lab)

Alan Duncan
… it would be repulsive—if it was hijacked by those who want to use it to demonise Palestine and Palestinians?
Steve Double
… There are many myths out there relating to foreign aid spending. One example is that aid money from British and European taxpayers has gone to Palestinian prisoners, including terrorists. That is simply not true.…
Andrew Percy
… some of the funding that has gone to the Palestinian territories has resulted in an increase in violence?
(4.58pm) Joan Ryan
… In the case of the aid we give to the Palestinian Authority, we are failing those three tests.
… the issue of the PA’s payments to convicted Palestinian terrorists, including, we must assume, Taleb Mehamara, the uncle of the Sarona market murderers, a member of a terror cell that in 2002 targeted Israelis, killing four in a shooting attack.
… by operating a perverse sliding scale where people receive more money the longer their sentence—in some cases as much as five times the average monthly wage in Ramallah—the payments actually incentivise people to commit the most terrible acts of violence.

I think the Minister understands the point I am making and wilfully will not look at this…

They should be asking questions about the source of the money, not who is doling it out.
Ian Austin
…We are saying that perhaps some of that money would be better spent supporting projects that work across both communities, with Palestinians and Israelis, building dialogue and putting in place the building blocks of the peace process that we all want to see.
(5.44pm) Matthew Offord
… when, despite being presented with evidence, DFID takes no remedial action. There is no greater example of that behaviour than the support DFID provides to the Palestinian Authority.
Chloe Smith
…yet have a questionable outlook of endorsing violence. Some of those NGOs engage in activities that undermine peace efforts and increase tensions, and a number are heavily involved in “lawfare” and the so-called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

In October 2013, members of Yesh Din took part in an Arab celebration on the ruins of a Jewish community in Homesh, with attendees desecrating Jewish symbols and waving anti-Semitic posters, including one depicting a Jew with a spear through his head. That is where our money is going.
(6.04pm) Andrew Percy
…while we might be able to say that British money is not directly funding individual terrorists in prison, it is perhaps displacing other funding in the Palestinian Authority general fund or elsewhere that is being used to fund terrorists.

Andy Slaughter
… hijacking this important debate effectively to give cover to the Netanyahu-Lieberman regime is a gross abuse of an important subject?
Ian Austin
… the Palestinian Authority receives our aid money because it has signed a memorandum of understanding with DFID which is underpinned by renunciation of violence and a commitment to peace. That is directly contradicted by funding terrorists, whether or not the money comes directly from the UK, and is directly contradicted by the Palestinian Authority’s routine incitement of violence.
Richard Burden
… the construction of the West Bank Wall and the Palestinian prisoners, are associated with increases in conflict intensity. Removing these factors may well be a more effective strategy in reducing the conflict in the long-run than any employment opportunities
Eric Pickles
… if people are to receive money from the British Government, they should unequivocally renounce violence in all its forms and work for a two-state solution.(6.28pm)
(6.34pm) Jim Shannon
… Two Palestinian terrorists who repeatedly stabbed two women, killing an American lady and leaving a British woman with life-threatening injuries, are receiving a salary from the Palestinian Authority. A convicted double killer—he was interviewed by a newspaper and confirmed that he murdered two people—receives a monthly salary.

All he has to do is turn on his computer and visit to see for himself that the Palestinian Authority is misusing the funds given to it by Britain. In Northern Ireland, parties to peace had to sign up to the Mitchell principles.
Ian Austin
…I also want to ask the Minister whether he will tackle the Palestinian Authority on the evidence of incitement.
… promoting peace and co-existence, tackling poverty, and creating jobs for Palestinians by promoting trade and economic development in the west bank and Gaza.
…instead of being so concerned about support for terrorists that they back the Daily Mail campaigns against international aid.
… I am afraid that it also funds the Palestinian Authority, which in turn funds terrorists, and that undermines much of the good work that it does. (6.57pm)
Diane Abbott
… Some very unpleasant remarks have been made about the Palestinian Authority.

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