for forthcoming uk programmes of jewish or israeli interest

thursday 25th february, 10.54-11.00pm, on bbc parliament tv
lords questions: boycott of israeli goods

speeches by lord or baroness …

bridges (c)
palmer (ld)
hamilton (c)
wright (xb)
corston (l)
eaton (c)
Baroness Tonge “What advice they have given to local authorities and other public bodies concerning boycotts of goods and services from the Israeli settlements in the West Bank?”

The Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office (Lord Bridges of Headley) (C): … has been in place for many years under successive Governments. The guidance makes it clear that boycotts in public procurement are inappropriate, outside where formal legal sanctions, embargos and restrictions have been put in place by the UK Government. It is not an Israel-specific policy.
The UK Government is deeply committed to promoting our trade and business ties with Israel and strongly opposes boycotts.
… I would say that boycotts are counter-productive and should not be taken by local authorities unless there is already a government action in place.”

(transcript at…)
(if you missed it, available from 0:24:00 to 0:30:40 at…)


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