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Prayer for the day

six mornings this week (saturday 23rd and monday 25th to friday 29th), 5.43-5.45am, on bbc radio 4
prayer for the day by rabbi julia neuberger

1. “… As the Egyptians were drowning in the sea, it was said that the ministering angels wanted to sing a song of rejoicing. But God rebuked them, saying: “The work of my hands is being drowned in the sea, and you want to sing songs?” …… So let us remember, even when we rejoice in our enemies’ defeat, not to rejoice at their suffering. For we are all human, all part of the same creation. And everyone’s suffering, whoever they are, should matter to us all. Amen.”
2. “… So let’s use its example to celebrate more often, invite more people for dinners, and give people a chance to eat, drink and be merry- and be part of something that makes them proud of who they are, Scots, Irish, English, Welsh, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or whoever……. May we use the Burns Night example to reach out, proud of our identity, to others who are proud of theirs, and share some traditions with each other in our busy lives. Amen”
3. “… And we see it in Jan Palach, who set himself alight as a beacon for freedom, and opposition to tyranny, and his sense that freedom mattered more than life itself. As we live our lives today and every day, let us cherish the freedom we have, and know that, for many, it has been so dearly fought for. Amen.”
4. “… So let us remember those who greatly dared, and helped, and recognise that the human spirit is capable of great horrors, which we remember today, but also of great courage, and humanity. Amen.”
5. “… When I think of Derek Bentley, I think of what might have been, how his family’s world must have crumbled around them. And of how long it took our justice system to quash his conviction.  His case should make us all the more determined to do all we can to preserve human life, and not take it away as punishment. He who destroys a single life, it is as if he destroys a whole world. Amen.”
6. “… let us resolve to do more to understand the heart of the stranger, and help those who do manage to reach our shores to have a decent life, so that they, like my mother, can achieve better things in this country, and serve it well, and play their part in its success. Amen”

(if you miss them, available with transcripts at


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