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Tftd: Sam Wells, 21/1/2016

this morning (thursday 21st), 7.54-7.57am, on bbc radio 4
story turns to faith when people believe that god has entered their story, by sam wells (in the thought for the day series)

When the people of Judah found themselves in exile in Babylon in the sixth century before Christ, they looked deep into the soul of their people to discover how they’d come to be there. What they found was a collection of stories, of how God created the world, called a people, saved them from famine and slavery, made a covenant with them, and gave them land, king, and temple; before things went astray.
But then, as with the brothers Grimm, came the crucial moment: where the exiled people of Judah wove those stories together and discovered a faith that God would save them as before, and that, most remarkably of all, they were as close to God in exile as they had been in the Promised Land.”

(if you missed it, available at


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