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Today: Judith Kerr

yesterday morning (monday 29th), 7.20-7.24am, on bbc radio 4
today includes …

“The children’s author, Judith Kerr, said on our programme on Saturday that the title character of her most famous book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, ‘is just a tiger’, and doesn’t symbolise anything else. She was responding to a suggestion by another famous children’s author, Michael Rosen, who said the tiger represented an underlying threat to her family and linked it to her fear that the Gestapo could arrest her father.

The Tiger is not the only fictional animal character whose real meaning has been the source of speculation. It’s been suggested that the shark in Jaws, the novel if not the film, is an embodiment of punishment for adultery, while Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is often interpreted as an allegory about repressed homosexuality and drug abuse.
Michael Rosen is a children’s novelist and poet, who first suggested that the tiger represented the Gestapo.”

(if you missed it, available from 1:19:55 to 1:24:00 at


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