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this monday to friday evenings (15th -19th december), 10.45-11.00pm, on bbc radio 3 (repeated from may 2013)
living abroad by frederic raphael (in the the essay series)

“Oscar-winning writer Frederic Raphael reads the first of his essay series about living abroad throughout Europe between the 1940s and 60s
1. Uprooted from New York City as a young boy, the writer paints a child’s-eye portrait of wartime Britain, with all its class conscious peculiarities, but seen through the eyes of a young American kid used to waffles, zips and Buicks.”
“2. ‘Every man has two countries, his own and France’ says Frederic Raphael, quoting Thomas Jefferson … he explores his life as a young writer in the post-war Paris of Jean-Paul Sartre, and remembers his time living in the Cote d’Azur before it was a popular tourist destination.”
“3. … Raphael gives an off-the-beaten-track perspective on Franco’s Spain, during the late 1950s, where he lived in a small artistic community and witnessed the impact of grand politics on Spanish village life.”
“4. … early 1960s Italy, where he mixes ancient Roman history, with a very personal experience of some of the key players in the Italian film industry.”
“5. … this time in Greece. It’s the early 1960s, and the country is as yet undisturbed by mass tourism. As Raphael travels to a remote island, echoes of the classical world rub up against the realities of post civil war division, and a village life which has barely changed for centuries.”

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