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HARDtalk: Gideon Levy

early yesterday morning (tuesday 2nd), 4.30-5.00am, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710)
hardtalk: controversial israeli journalist gideon levy
propaganda: the bbc (which almost invariably uses a studio for HARDtalk) deliberately starts this interview with three minutes of walking along a sunny tel-aviv promenade, so that gideon levy can try to give the impression that the carefree mindset of people relaxing on the beach is characteristic of tel-avivians in their everyday lives!

“Stephen Sackur speaks to Gideon Levy, a journalist who has made it his mission to tell Israelis what it really means to live in an occupying power. He calls himself a truth-teller but many Israelis see him as a traitor.”
(0:01:05) “Try and characterise for me the mindset of people who live here.”
(0:01:11) “If you look around you on this beach, I can show you that nobody, but nobody, deals rights now with the occupation, with the atrocities in this war, with the future of this place, they’re all deep in their private worlds. And I’ve nothing against it, but this is blindness, this is denial, because the problems will not solve, because half-an-hour away from here, there are two, three, million Palestinians living under a brutal occupation, and as long as those beaches will be as peaceful as they are, and the beaches of Gaza will be full of ruins and dead bodies, this cannot go on like this, it’s really living in denial.”

(if you missed it, available at…)

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