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Today: Philip Hammond

this morning (wednesday 30th), 8.38-8.42am, on bbc radio 4
today includes sarah montague interviewing foreign secretary philip hammond

(2:39:44) “We want the Palestinian Authority to be involved in these ceasefire negotiations, and to lead these talks, but we recognise that Hamas will be part of that Palestinian Authority team.”
(2:40:20) “Western public opinion, which was sympathetic to Israel over the rocket attacks which were being launched from Gaza on Israeli civilian communities, is rapidly turning against Israel because of the scale of the action that is going on in Gaza. So Israelis have to understand that while they are defending their security in seeking to rule out these rocket launchers and to deal with these attack tunnels, they are also undermining the support for Israel that exists in the West.”
(2:41:20) “It would not be legal if it was not proportionate.”
(2:41:30) “In the fullness of time there will be proper evaluation of what has gone on, what these military actions were targeted against: Israel will argue that the actions it has taken were taken against military targets, and that Hamas has deliberately planted military installations in the middle of civilian areas, using civilians as human shields. In due course, the claims on both sides will need to be investigated. What is need right now is an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.”

(if you missed it, available from 2:38:10 to 2:42:15 at

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