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Great Jewish sportsmen …

yesterday afternoon (wednesday), 5.51-5.58pm on bbc radio 4
great jewish sportsmen:
robert peston learns how to dive in park road swimming pool … (more…)

From Our Own Correspondent

this morning (wednesday), 9.50-10.00am on bbc world service:
from our own correspondent
same report as the uk-aimed radio 4 version (last saturday), but with a different introduction for the global audience, by owen bennett jones: (more…)

Auschwitz: tourism

yesterday (sunday), 9.00-9.50am on bbc radio 4:
broadcasting house, including a report on auschwitz: (more…)

From Our Own Correspondent

two days ago (saturday), 11.30am-12.00 on bbc radio 4:
from our own correspondent

Jake Wallis Simons drinks beer with an Israeli settler (more…)

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