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Eva Bergman

this evening (monday), 10.35-11.10pm on bbc 1:
The Baby Born in a Concentration Camp
(repeated from 2011)

Anka Bergman gave birth to her baby daughter Eva in a Nazi concentration camp.
During her pregnancy, Anka witnessed the horrors of Auschwitz and endured six months of forced labour. If the Nazis found a woman was pregnant, she could be sent straight to the gas chambers. Amazingly, Anka’s pregnancy went unnoticed for months.
Anka eventually gave birth – on the day she arrived at an extermination camp. Anka weighed just five stone and was on the brink of starvation; baby Eva weighed just three pounds.
Remarkably, both mother and daughter survived, and are living in Cambridge. Now they tell their story.

(if you miss it, available at…)

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