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Mon, 4 Mar 13
Tim Franks talks to Isareli author A. B. Yehoshua. Given the failure of the politicians and the diplomats, the militants and the liberals to resolve the Middle East crisis, what should we take from the words of the writer?
A.B. Yehoshua is known as one of Israel’s great men of letters. His latest book is seen by some as a powerful allegory of the journey Israeli Jews need now to take. So can he chart a way through the quagmire?
And why does he have such a low opinion of Jews outside Israel?
Fri, 14 Dec 12
HARDtalk speaks to The Palestinian Authority envoy to the European Union, Leila Shahid.
She says the most important issue for Palestinians is to have a functioning parliament and full statehood.
Wed, 1 Aug 12
Zeinab Badawi talks to Amos Gilad, Policy Director at the Israeli Defence Ministry.
Upheaval in the Arab world, especially in Syria, means that political realities are still evolving in the Middle East. Is the Iranian threat and Syrian instability raising the tension inside Israel?
Mon, 18 Jun 12
Israel’s secret service, the Mossad, is regarded as one of the most resourceful and ruthless intelligence agencies in the world. But are Israel’s top spies on the same page as the country’s politicians when it comes to an assessment of the threat posed by Iran?
Stephen Sackur speaks to Meir Dagan, director of Mossad until a year and a half ago.
Mon, 14 May 12
nasser judeh, jordanian foreign minister:
Jordan has survived the Arab Spring relatively unscathed, perhaps because its ruler has promised reform.
But critics say King Abdullah is buying time and is not serious. Jordan is seen as critical to peace in the region not least because of its neighbours: Syria, Iraq and Israel.
HARDtalk asks – how much time does Jordan have?
Fri, 11 May 12
Sarah Montague talks to political scientist Norman Finkelstein who says that American Jews have fallen out of love with Israel.
But then he is nothing if not controversial. Norman Finkelstein is famous for accusing Jews of exploiting the Holocaust
Could he be right about American Jews and Israel, and if so, what does that mean for Middle East policy?

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